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Make-A-Long with Caroline



Do you need a Pick me Up? Creating or sewing something has always given me a pick me up, even in my darkest times. So I am sharing my talent with you all. May you come and leave the facebook group page PICK ME UPPERS with much joy, happiness, and love. Have fun and enjoy!


-Sew A Long
-Quilt A Long
-DIY A Long
-Free Embroidery Designs
-Show and Tell the projects we make in this group
-Select a Sewing Buddy

(All classes are set up to use your own stash of fabric, but we will have kits available to buy at our Kiosk Store and the Sugar Mill, Mead, CO or on our website For more information on these features, can be found in the files section on that FB group page)

Most of all the sewing along, quilt along, embroidery, or diy's will be geared mostly towards country, western, farm, outdoor, 4H, etc themes.

Every age group is welcomed. And we encourage everyone to get a sewing partner in this group and enjoy each other. Who knows what kind of special friendship you will find in this group.

There will be only love in that group. all drama will be removed from the group immediately. If someone creates drama, just notify me.

DO NOT self promote, post ads, or do videos on here that doesn't belong to what we are about.

DO: Show and tell your work of all the projects you made in this community, post a positive quote, and easy recipes we can make (so we can get back to creating/sewing), or something about your life that well can enjoy (not self promoting or business)

Of course, I have to make a disclaimer:

Everyone here should have knowledge about using a sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, etc. (Otherwise ask someone that does know)

None of us will be liable if you hurt yourself during these projects at home. And that you take full responsibility.

We are all here to help each other and have FUN.